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Having a green thumb doesn’t always mean you have the space to exercise it. Apartments and smaller houses with no yards, or bad lighting can mean real problems trying to grow your own food.  But Nomad, a refreshingly simple planter is up for the 2014 James Dyson Award, and looking to help out cramped gardeners everywhere.

Created by The Garden Apartment, a collaboration between Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse, Nomad is made from scrap sailcloth they source locally, packs flat and features 2 pocket-like areas to plant smaller plants, and a sturdy ring for hanging. Additionally, it can sit like a regular planter on any surface. Because of its light-weight, yet sturdy design, Nomad is extremely portable and can go anywhere and hang from most things.

Keep in mind that this isn’t available yet, Nomad is only a prototype. The creators are hoping to win the award and use the money to move into the production phase. The national winners for the James Dyson Award will be announced on Sept 18th, and the international winners on Nov. 6th.


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