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DNA Hydroponics

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Altitude Dome 7 Inch
Clonex Clone Solution
Clonex Rooting Gel
Dyna-Gro Root Gel
EZ Clone Rooting Compound
Fast-Gro Heating Mats
Gel 2 Root 6 Pack
Germination Station
Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert
Hormex Liquid Conc
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Air Conditioners
CO2 Systems / Accessories
Environmental Accessories
Light Controller
Sample Category
Fans / Filters
Carbon Filters / Accessories
Ducting / Accessories
Fan / Fiter Accessories
Hepa Filters
Inline / Booster Fans
Grow Lighting

Electronic Ballasts
Magnetic Ballasts
Flourescent Fixtures
Fluorescent Accessories
Grow Light Accessories

Lighting Accessories
Power / Lamp Cords
Grow Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Bulbs
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Growing Accessories
Grow Tools
Hand Tools
Reflective/B&W Films
Safety Equipment
Sprayers & Wands
Growing Media
Agro-Flock 20LB Bag
Amazon Bloom Natural 1.5 Cubic Feet
Ancient Forest .5 Cubic Feet
Atami CocoFiber 50L Bag
B’Cuzz Hydromix 3.8 Cubic Foot Bale
B’cuzz BiMATRIX Slabs
B’Cuzz MaxiPlugs
B’cuzz Roxx Blocks Growing Media
BG Earth Worm Cast 16 Quarts
Big & Chunky Perlite 4 Cubic Feet
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Hydroponic Systems
2 Tray Aerojet
25 Plant Clone Machine
42 Site Cloning System
6 Tray Aerojet
6 Tray Jet Stream
64 Plant Clone Machine
84 Site Cloning System
AeroFlo 18
AeroFlo2 20 Site(1×7 Feet)
AeroFlo2 36 Site
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Nutrients / Additives
ADD.27 Flower
ADD.27 Grow
Advance Flower A
Advance Flower B
Advance Grow A
Advance Grow B
All Purpose Feeder Paks 12-10-10
All Purpose Six Pak Feeder
American Pride Dry
Amino Bloom-A
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Pest & Disease
12 Inch Carbon Insert Replacement
Actino-Iron 0 – 0 – 0
Actinovate Fungicide
AzaMax Ready to Make Sprayer
Bang Insecticide 1 Liter
Bio Green Clean
Blue Lightning 1 Liter
Bonide Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT)
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pH/EC Maintenance
1382 PPM Solution 220ML
1413uS &1500 PPM Calibration K
1500 ppm Cal Sol
1500 ppm Cal Sol Quart
1500PPM Packet
2-Way Meter, pH & Moisture
24-7 Nutrient Monitor
24-7 pH Replacement Probe
24-7 PPM Replacement Probe
4 Way Analyzer
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Pots & Containers
10 Inch Bucket Basket Lid
10×20 Inch Mesh Bottom Tray
55 Gallon Barrel with Lid – Food Grade
Botanicare Horti-Trellis
Buckets & Lids
Camopots Aeration Containers
Ebb & Grow Inner Bucket
Ebb & Grow Outer Buckets
Mondi Super Saucers
Plant Warrior Pots
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Pumps/Grow Systems
Grow Tents
Indoor Greenhouses
Pumps & Irrigation Supplies
Trays / Reservoir
Water & Air Accessories
Water Chillers, Heaters & Purification
Water Pumps

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  1. StevoN., November 21, 2012 6:55 pm - DNA Hydroponics

    Great shop, friendly staff had pretty much all i needed, but overall good shop.

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