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BioBizz Feeding Chart

Est. 1992 – Biobizz produces soil, natural nutrients and additives for the consciously organic grower. They put emphasis on ecological awareness and the protection of the planet from products which contain chemicals and damage the land and water. Feeding charts for: BioBizz Root-Juice, Biobizz Bio-Grow, BioBizz Bio-Bloom, BioBizz Fish-Mix, BioBizz Bio-Heaven, BioBizz Alg-A-Mic, BioBizz Top-Max, BioBizz Leaf-Coat, BioBizz Coco-Mix, BioBizz Light-Mix, BioBizz All-Mix, BioBizz Pre-Mix.

 BioBizz Feeding Chart
 BioBizz Feeding Information

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  1. mr green, July 19, 2015 5:38 pm - BioBizz Feeding Chart

    I have only used two of the products above and found when I applied the recommended amount in this schedule my plants started to show signs of nute burn and leaves fell off. By using half of the recommended amounts of BioGrow and BioBloom (in 2 Gallon pots, soil mix: compost pearlite n sand) my plants were a lot healthier and grew to 4 FT Yield: 55gms. I would recommend them as they are great products and give your plants all the nutrition they need but apply only half the amounts in the schedule above.

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