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Grow Room Ventilation

grow room ventilationVentilation Tips for your Grow Room

Air flow and Proper ventilation are two important parts for a good Grow Room

Hydroponic gardening is one of the most successful; ways to grow plants for a few key reasons. First, not having to grow in soil creates a sterile environment in which pests and diseases that are soil borne are minimized. Secondly, you can grow more plants in less space, and last but not least, optimal growing conditions such as controlled lighting and temperature make for a superior crop. In order to be successful at growing hydroponically, however, you need to the correct supplies to create the proper hydroponic room environment.

Let’s start off with choosing the proper grow room container. When selecting a hydroponic grow room you should make sure that the grow room is non reactive, and easy to clean. You must also ensure that the grow room is the appropriate size for what you want to grow in it. Regardless of what you are growing in your garden, it will not thrive unless you have the proper lighting, you can choose natural lighting or artificial. If you don’t have a location that gets the proper amount of light in the course of a day, then you should most likely go with artificial lighting. In order to ensure that the right amount of light falls on the plant, you can use a light meter, which is often sold at stores where photography supplies are sold.

When growing you have to find a way to keep the optimal temperature at all times, the most inexpensive way to do this is to vent out the heat and replace it with cooler air. This system ensures also that there is proper air flow in the grow room. Proper air flow consists of your plant having the proper amount of carbon dioxide to breathe, while removing the oxygen that it produces. Since hot air rises and cool air settles, you should place a vent with a blower attached to it up high on the inside of the grow room, and another vent with a blower attached to it down low on the outside of the grow room. The exhaust blower needs to also have a thermostat connected to it so that it will only expel the warm air when the temperature exceeds the level you have set the thermostat for. some people turn the blower on and off with a timer, but this is definitely not the most efficient way to handle the situation.

You should always remember to keep your plants at a temperature between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also,make sure that you let the temperature fall approximately 10 degrees, because like humans they need rest also. This 10 degree fall in temperature lets them know that they can stop producing energy. Hydroponic plants are not grown in soil, so nutrient salts are given to them in a water solution to feed them. These salts occasionally build up and should be cleaned out approximately every two weeks or so to ensure that this buildup does not affect the health of the plants.

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  1. purplegrower, January 26, 2012 11:45 pm - Grow Room Ventilation

    Remember you are trying to create an artificial atmosphere, Nothing does well in stagnant air. You want clean fresh air while still maintaining the proper temperature and humidity.

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