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Hydroponic Gardens: Space and Placement


Indoor Hydroponic Gardens
Indoor hydroponic gardens are a great way to grow your own organic produce without using much space. The cylindrical grow systems have dozens of patents and are dedicated to revolutionizing the way the world grows their food supply. If you have eight feet of indoor space to spare, you can grow up to eighty plants using a relatively small cylindrical grow system. There are larger ones that can grow many more plants; it depends on what you want to grow and for what purpose.

The cylindrical grow system allows more plants to grow in less space by growing in a circular design that increases the square foot growing area. This design also maximizes the indoor light intensity and it optimizes water usage as well. The effect of being constantly rotated grows shorter healthier plants and, as a result, you will get more harvest per plant. Whether you garden as a hobby or a career, you will find that the cylindrical grow systems will produce more harvest for your money and it can all be done indoors.

Outdoor Hydroponic Gardens
Outdoor hydroponic gardens are typically built into a greenhouse to protect the plants from the outside environment, although some people do prefer to keep them completely outdoors. . Either way, these gardens need a lot of care and some need specialized equipment such as, an effective nutrient delivery system. Nutrient delivery systems are set up to automatically give the exact amount of moisture and nutrients that a particular crop needs. . Solar panels are typically needed for a greenhouse as is an effective form of pest control. Growing crops hydroponically is more difficult than growing them in soil, but hydroponics take up less space and are environmentally responsible.

New York’s Science Project
New York is home to the world’s first “floating hydroponic farm”. The barge is docked right outside of Yonkers N.Y, and it has had great success in producing food in an environmentally sustainable way. This is important work because the day that we have very little land left to grow food will be here sooner than expected.

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