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The Volksgarden by Omega Gardens


Many people enjoy growing their own plants from seedlings at home. Often times this can be difficult, though, if you do not have the right amount of light or containers to begin the seedlings. An easy way to start plants from seedlings at home is to purchase a Volksgarden.

What is a volksgarden?
The term ‘volksgarden’ is probably new, and you have no idea what it means at all. This is a type of garden developed using the idea of hydroponics. Hydroponics is another way to grow plants indoors, but this method does not use any soil. It simply uses water and mineral nutrients to get the plants started. Hydroponics also uses an ultraviolet high powered light to serve as its light source.

A volksgarden is unit that allows you to plant and grow up to 80 plants at one time, anytime of the year! This garden looks like a ferris wheel. It has a rotating cylinder that houses all the plants. In the center of that rotating cylinder is the light source. The volksgarden will rotate every 30-45 minutes. The rotation of the garden is extremely important because it ensures that all the plants will be growing equally. If it would not rotate, the plants would begin to grow towards the light source and appear different.

At the bottom of the rotating cylinder, the plants will be able to get the water and nutrients that they need in a big reservoir. While the plants sit before the next rotation, they will get all the water that they need. It is important not to over water plants that are grown like this. If over watered, the plants can receive too many nutrients and die.

The volksgarden kit will come with everything that you need to start your gardening experience – the garden, lights, water reservoir, wool cubes (or other planting medium), and all the electrical plug ins. You will need to purchase the seeds that you want to start and also the right types of nutrients. The nutrients that you use will depend on the types of plants you choose.

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