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Botanicare Feeding Charts

Est. 1999- Botanicare offers a complete nutrient systems and supplements for any style of growing, indoor or outdoor, soil or hydro.  Feeding Charts for: Pure Blend Pro Coco Grow, Pure Blend Pro Coco Bloom, Pure Blend Pro Hydro Grow, Pure Blend Pro Hydro Bloom, CNS17 Coco Grow, CNS17 Coco Bloom, CNS17 Coco Ripe, CNS17 Hydro Grow, CNS17 Hydro Bloom, CNS17 Hydro Ripe, Kind Base, Kind Grow, Kind Bloom, Hydroguard, Pure Blend Tea, Silica Blast, Vitamino, Sweet, Hydroplex, Clearex, Liquid Karma, Cal-Mag Plus, Aquashield.

 Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Hydro Feeding Chart
 Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Feeding Chart
 Botanicare CNS-17 Hydro Feeding Chart
 Botanicare CNS-17 Soil Feeding Chart
 Botanicare Kind Hydro Feeding Chart
 Botanicare Kind Hydro Enhance Feeding Chart
 Botanicare Kind Hydro Expert Feeding Chart
 Botanicare Kind Soil Feeding Chart
 Botanicare Kind Soil Enhance Feeding Chart
 Botanicare Kind Soil Expert Feeding Chart
 Botanicare Kind Stock Feeding Chart

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  1. scott a kapfhamer, December 14, 2016 3:43 am - Botanicare Feeding Charts

    I was wondering about your meaning of ppm levels. I’m running the Expert Coconut Coir and soil media and at the bottom for each week it states a ppm level. Is that going in or coming out of the plant? Since the amount of nutrients per/gallon hasn’t changed I would think it’s the level coming out. Please advise and thank you in advanced.

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