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General Hydroponics Feeding Charts

General Hydroponics focuses on bringing technology and nature together to create innovative, quality, simple nutrients to growers concerned about a sustainable future for our planet. Feeding Charts for: FloraDuo A, FloraDuo B, CALiMAGic, RapidStart, Diamond Nectar, Liquid KoolBloom, Floralicious Plus, FloraBlend, Flora Nectar, KoolBloom, FloraKleen, FloraNova Grow, FloraNova Bloom, FloraGro, FloraMicro, FloraBloom, MaxiGro, MaxiBloom, SubCulture M, SubCulture B, BioThrive, BioRoot, BioWeed, BioBud, Diamond Black, CaMg+, and BioMarine.

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FloraDuo FloraNova Flora Series Maxi Series General Organics

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