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GroTek Feeding Charts

GroTek strives to deliver an effective product for growers who are concerned about growing efficiently, consciously, and abundantly. Feeding Charts For: SoloTek Grow, Vitamax Plus, Bud Fuel, Bloom Fuel, Vegetative Growth Booster, SoloTek Bloom, Blossom Blaster, Heavy Bud, Heavy Bloom, Monster Bloom, TEK-123 Grow, TEK-123 Micro, TEK-123 Bloom, Organic Fusion Grow, Organic Fusion Bloom, Rage, Hydrozyme, mm2000, Final Flush, Nature’s Neem Oil, Bi-TEK Grow, Bi-TEK Bloom, Bud Fuel, LXR Gold, and Formula1.

 GroTek Grow Feeding Chart
 GroTek Bloom Feeding Chart
 GroTek Complete Feeding Chart 1
 GroTeck Complete Feeding Chart 2

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