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The Pros of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic Garden


Hydroponic gardening is a system of growing plants without soil. Rather, the roots of the plants are placed in nutrient-rich water. The water provides the plants with enough food for them to grow into strong, healthy vegetation. There are many positive attributes to hydroponic gardening: one of the most enticing aspects about this system is the ease and efficiency of gardening indoors.

Hydroponic gardening is ideal for indoor farming, though it can be practiced outdoors as well. The space requirements for hydroponic gardening are significantly less than traditional gardening and this system is more efficient in terms of fertilization and nutrient usage. The water can be reused and nutrients recycled. The plants use the correct amount of water needed so the possibility of over or under watering the plants is eliminated. Furthermore, because the system takes up little space, less maintenance is needed. Physical inabilities and handicaps that once prevented individuals from participating in gardening are no longer obstacles.

Because hydroponic gardens do not use soil the threat of molds, viruses and diseases that thrive in soil is eliminated. This increases the chances of plants to survive. Additionally, insects that live in the soil are excluded from this system, and subsequently all pesticides used to remove them. The absence of soil also includes the absence of weeds and the laborious task of weeding. Gardening indoors also protects the plants from animals such as rabbits and deer from eating the vegetation. Finally, no soil means no tilling, hoeing, plowing, pushing wheelbarrows and hauling bags of dirt and manure.
Another positive aspect of hydroponic gardening is the range of systems available that accommodate different needs and budgets. For example, The Aero Garden is a simple system that makes it easy to grow herbs, tomatoes or lettuce. It comes with a grow light and an automated reminder to let you know when to feed the plants. This system costs approximately $160.00. On the other end of the spectrum is The Aero Flo2-60 Site Aeorponic System. It contains 60 pods to grow an array of vegetation with all of the necessary accouterments such as grow lights, filters and fans. This system costs approximately $1,180.00. The Ebb and Flow Hydro System comes in a variety of different sizes and cost anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00.

Hydroponic gardening is an easy and straightforward way to grow vegetation. The laborious tasks associated with traditional gardening are eliminated, allowing more participants to partake in the enjoyable and rewarding avocation of gardening.

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