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Why Hydroponics?


Hydroponics is growing plants in water without soil. Nutrients are delivered through a mineral solution instead of being absorbed through the soil. It has many advantages over traditional gardening.

Growing without soil has many benefits. Soil is often not perfectly balanced for each type of plant you want to grow. It will need to be tested and then amended in order to efficiently produce high yields. The solution you apply in hydroponics is already perfected for the plant. It is also pure, whereas soil harbors pests and diseases that can thwart a plant’s growth. Ask any traditional gardener what presents the most work for them, and the answer will be weeds. Hydroponics is a weed free method of growing, because there is no soil for the weeds to take roots in. This method of gardening will save you time and energy.

In terms of the growth itself, hydroponics is significantly more efficient and delivers higher yields. The minerals and nutrients are applied to the roots, so rather than expending energy for the roots to extend deep into the earth, the plants concentrate on vegetative growth. The yields are on average 25% higher, and the crops are ready to harvest sooner due to the optimal growth conditions for the plant.

Finally hydroponics is earth-friendly. Growing hydroponics will use 70%-90% less water than growing plants conventionally. It is a great option for areas prone to drought. Additionally, it uses significantly less space than a traditional garden. Anyone short on space, even in an urban environment, could find success with hydroponics. Also, it is an organic form of gardening. Without disease, pests, and weeds there is no need to be applying pesticides and herbicides that are harmful to people, animals, and the environment.

If you are considering hydroponics, the best plants to choose are tomatoes, leaf lettuces, peppers, cucumber, and cilantro. A gardener who favors flowers would want to start with zinnias, begonias, and African violets.

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