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Hydroponic Rooftop Gardens


Hydroponic gardening is gaining massive popularity not only in the backyards of avid gardeners but also along the rooftops of buildings in bustling cities. Hydroponics offers a way to grow plants in soil-free nutrient solutions and in a controlled environment that utilizes less space than traditional gardening. Because there are no specialized skills needed, it is an economical, environmentally friendly, and a sustainable way to produce food. Hydroponic containers allow a variety of plants to grow vertically by circulating water that is simply placed in a reservoir within the container.

The benefits of hydroponic and rooftop gardening for consumer and businesses have been wide. It allows for the healthiest options in obtaining fresh, organic produce and also provides environmental benefits. Home gardeners can grow healthy food at a much more reasonable price than purchasing the same produce at stores. Additionally, rooftop gardens offer consumers that live in tight, urban spaces and easier way to grow gardens. Because hydroponic gardening yields more produce within a smaller space, it also provides environmental benefits to the limited agricultural resources of the planet. Pesticides and fertilizers are unnecessary, thereby creating not only healthier foods, but a cleaner environment. Further, these rooftop gardens benefit the communities and small businesses that thrive from keeping commerce local.

Hydroponics is the fastest growing sector in agriculture. Many restaurants across the country have turned to rooftop gardening and this usage increase has been helped by the fact that many cities are offering tax breaks or financial incentives to convert rooftops to green space. While rooftop gardening is still cutting edge for grocery stores and restaurants, the trend is growing as businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits to the bottom line. It costs restaurants and retailers less to grow their own produce than it does to buy it elsewhere and have it shipped. In addition, consumers are generally more willing to pay a premium for the high-quality produce that rooftop and hydroponic gardens yield, resulting in increased revenue.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive buzz about these gardens, there have been negative reactions to hydroponic produce. Some feel that the taste of produce from soil-less sources lacks the taste that the soil’s nutrients can give. However, the widely held opinion of businesses and consumers alike are that any negative aspects of hydroponic gardening are far outweighed by the benefits, especially the freshness and health benefits hydroponic gardening.

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