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Edyn- Introducing The SmartGarden


Earlier this July, a new gadget hit kickstarter and was met with overwhelming success. The Edyn Project reached their goal of 100,000 in 3 days and more than tripled that by the time the campaign was over. Edyn mixes modern Smartphone technology, environmental sensors, and horticulture expertise so complete that can only come from the internet, to bring you the perfect, hassle-free garden of your dreams.

Edyn is described as a “smart garden system” that gives you real-time information on your garden, above and below ground. The Edyn Garden Sensor is solar powered and is staked into the ground in your garden. Its sensors monitor nutrient levels, and moister content in your gardens soil, as well as temperature, humidity, and the amount of sun your plants are getting. All this data is sent to your Smartphone where you can use the Edyn app to monitor your garden in real-time, anywhere.  The whole Edyn system is wirelessly connected and built to withstand weather, water, and fertilizer.

The Edyn Water Valve can be paired with the Garden Sensor to regulate and water your plants automatically based on your local weather and garden conditions. You can also manually control and water your garden from the app, anywhere.

Taking it a step further, Edyn also has a database of over 5,000 plants that it uses to help you grow your plants at optimal conditions. The information gathered from your particular environment allows Edyn to suggest the plants that will grow the best in your garden, the perfect time for planting, and can even help you group particular plants with the same conditional needs. Edyn also monitors weather and other important conditions continuously and will alert you with information on how and what to do to keep your garden healthy and happy, even during extreme conditions.

A single Garden Sensor and Water valve can take care of a 250 sqft garden and wirelessly connects with excellent signal up to 300ft. For larger gardens, several Edyn systems can be combined, and for indoor gardens, Edyn can be charged with ambient or grow lights.

Eager gardeners will have to be patient though. Edyn has just wrapped up it’s kickstarter project, and is currently getting everything ready for pre-orders and retail shelves.  A price has not been set yet, but you can sign up for updates on their website here.

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