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Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home This Winter, Naturally


Fall and winter are right around the corner. That means holidays, the changing of the leaves, hanging out with family by the fire, and snow days depending on where you live. Unfortunately the cold weather also means that pests and bugs are looking for warm, dry places to live, and your house probably seems perfectly cozy.

Ants often start invading homes after the first few rains of the season when their underground nests are flooded, and spiders are attracted to warmth and shelter they can’t find outside in the winter weather. Fleas can also be a bigger problem this time of year because they need certain humid and warm conditions to survive and hatch, and the outside environment is too cold and wet this time of year. But insect repellents and traps can be hazardous to pets and children, so how do you keep them out of your home without much effort, or threat of someone being poisoned?

DIY Natural Insect Repellent Spray:

-Spray bottle

-1 qt. Water

-4-5 drops citrus oil

-3-4 drops peppermint oil

-4-5 drops Natural dish washing liquid

Directions: Mix together oils, soap and water and pour into spray bottle. If you have pets or toddlers, be more conservative with the oils, as the smell can be overwhelming for family members closer to the floor. Spray the repellent around door frames, windows, and anywhere you see bugs coming in. Spiders, Fleas and ants will stay away from the overwhelming smells of the oils.

Natural Flea Repellent for the Home:

-A few handfuls of fresh eucalyptus leaves, depending on size of home

Directions: Crumple/crush leaves in your hands and scatter lightly throughout the home, in corners, under furniture like beds, sofas, and end tables, anyplace fleas might hide or retreat to. If they are biting you, crumple up some leaves and rub your hands on your feet/legs. Fleas will leave your house within 2-7 days depending on how much eucalyptus you used and how large your house is. Be sure to de-flea pets as well.  Clean up any visible leaves after they’ve gone and refresh leaves under bends/sofas and other non-visible places monthly to keep them out.

(Note from the Author: I personally use the eucalyptus leaves in my home and they work like an absolute charm. I sprinkle it everywhere and they’re generally gone within 24 hrs, and don’t come back if you keep refreshing your leaves, which is perfect if you have an inside/outside animal.)


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