Infinite 1000 Watt Digital Ballast

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1000 Watt Digital Ballast


4 Way Dimming Options: Overdrive +5% /1000w / 750w / 600w
MH (Metal Halide) and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps Compatible
Tri-Voltage 120V / 240V / 277V compatible
8.6 AMPS @ 120V 4.3 AMPS @ 240V
Internal Cooling Fan
99.9% Power Factor
Internal RF Shield
Microchip Technology
Soft Start Technology
Hot Restrike Protection
Over Heat Protection
Energy Saving up to 30% compared to other standard mag core ballasts
Flip-box and Generator Compatible
Resin seal internal

Staggered Ignition- sequential lamp start up technology engineered to prevent overloading electrical circuit breakers, while powering up multiple INFINITE digital ballasts

Microchip Safety features

Soft Start Technology: Prevents surges and spikes in your electrical circuit and prevents overloading breakers. Gradually intensifying a lamp also prolongs the lamp’s life and reduces lumen depreciation.
Hot Restrike Protection: Protect Lamps from being damage by hot restart.
Over Heat Protection: Technology design for safety, this ballast will automatically shut off if temperature is under -39°F or exceeds 149°F.

Specification 1000W:

Gross Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 15.4 x 4.4 x 2.8 inches
Power Factor >99.9%
Total Harmonic Distortion <10%
Multiple-Voltage range 100-265V
Input Source Frequency 50-60Hz
Operation Temperature -39°F to 149°F
Crest Factor <1.7
Max Line Current 120V/8.6A 240V/4.3A
Output Frequency >25Khz
Output Power 1000w
Max Lamp Distance 65 feet

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  1. Colorado Jack OGer, Sep 11, 2013 - Infinite 1000 Watt Digital Ballast

    Looks like nothing special right, but this is the ballast. I use 240v but the thing can do 120v-277v automatic. The Staggering ignition is what I love, turns my lights on one at a time really nicely. I think it’s great how I can dim it from 1000w all the way down to 600w and switch diff bulbs when I need to. This ballast is all you need. I bought 6 and another 6 earlier this year from Amazon and never had a problem with them.

    Overall Rating
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  2. Master horticulturist and hydroponics Major 'Joseph, Apr 10, 2013 - Infinite 1000 Watt Digital Ballast

    Inside Guts, The price, The weight, the staggard ignition to make my lights go on one at a time, the warranty, the fact it is cooler than all others I’ve had, the safe power off when I turn on and off by accident, the new upgrade of technology..

    These are the reason I go with Infinite Ballast! I finally got a reliable ballast that works better and cost fairly affordable, especially compared to most!

    Overall Rating
    Easy To Use
    Product Pricing
    Store Availabillity
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  3. Curry G, Jan 18, 2013 - Infinite 1000 Watt Digital Ballast

    Infinite ballast runs much cooler than other brands I have used before. For sure the bulb burn brighter using this ballast. I’ve used it with MH and HPS bulb from Hortilux and Ushio they work great. It’s also nice to have a dim switch, and one of the best thing is the stagger start up software that puts a stop to tripping my breaker box when turning them all on at once. I never have to worry about lights not being on again. I was recommended by my local hydro shop and I would recommend this ballast to anyone.

    Overall Rating
    Easy To Use
    Product Pricing
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